Diversions after Benjamin Britten
  • Diversions after Benjamin Britten

Diversions after Benjamin Britten

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Diversions after Benjamin Britten


Scherzo - His Vitality SIMON DOBSON
March - His Sympathy PAUL McGHEE
Toccata - His Skill GAVIN HIGGINS
Diversions after Benjamin Britten was devoted by Paul Hindmarsh as a centenary tribute to Britain's
foremost composer of the 20th century. It is a companion piece to Variations on a Theme of Michel Tippett,
although in this case the theme is not musical, but the composer himself. The four leading young composers were invited to create their own personal reflections on four aspects of Britten's character. His Depth refers to the emotional and symbolic subtexts underpinning Britten's operas. His Vitality reminds us that Britten loved tennis and fast cars in his youger days. His Sympathy is ecvoative or Britten's pacifism, while His Skill pays tribute to composer's consummate creativity.
At its premiere, these virtuoso inspirations were prefaced and separated by the four strains of Britten's
ceremonial Fanfare for St. Edmundsbury. This design is recommended as an optional means of presenting
the four contrasting movements. The fanfare is published by Boosey & Hawkes,
Duration: 14 mins (18 mins including Britten's Fanfare)
Grade 6
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