Thursday 19 April 2018

PHM Publishing is delighted to announce the publication of wind band arrangements of two popular brass band items in march style by the esteemed composer, conductor and teacher Wilfred Heaton (1918 - 2000). The Golden Pen and Le Tricot Rouge probably date from the 1940s, but were not published in the composer's lifetime. He released a 'secular' version of the lively Le Tricot Rouge in 1985 for the Tewit Youth Band (Harrogate) but bright and breezy The Golden Pen remained in manuscript. They were published shortly after the composer's death.
Towards the end of his life this very private man made it known that he was happy for his work to be re-arranged for mediums other than brass band if it meant that it would continue to be performed; so, in Heaton's centenary year - he was born on 2 December - a number of the works edited or realised from sketches are being released in alternative versions. 
Heaton favourites, the march Praise and his youthful Toccata,  have already been published in the Trade Winds series. The Heaton family has sanctioned these further items brilliantly re-scored by Alastair Wheeler. 
Score and parts (£55.00) are available for purchase through the online shop or from www.justmusicuk.com or www.worldofbrass.com




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