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Portraits of an English composer in his time, with full Thematic Catalogue of Works (1900 – 1941), compiled and edited by Paul Hindmarsh

Revised edition published in 2016 by PHM Publishing © 2016 by Paul Hindmarsh 272pp, A4,
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FRANK BRIDGE – THE COMPLETE WORKS  is a major revision and update of my documentation of the life and work of this English composer originally published by Faber Music in 1983. Frank Bridge – A Thematic Catalogue charted the composer’s intriguing creative journey from 1900, the year of his first surviving compositions until his death at the age of 61 in 1941. Much has changed with regard to Bridge research since 1983. His life and work has been the subject of many post-graduate research projects. All his major works have been recorded and are more widely performed. Bridge's music has been in the public domain since 2011. A number of previously lost works or sources have come to light, the latest as recently as 13 April 2016, when the manuscript of Phantasie in F minor for string quartet (H.55) was discovered in the archive of theWorshipful Company of Musicians.

After half a lifetime of writing about Bridge’s life and work for journals, programme previews andrecording notes, I have used much of that writing plus an extensive selection of correspondence by Bridge and his friends and some significant ‘period’ articles and images to create, I hope, a more complete picture of Frank Bridge inthe context of his time. I have also included full details of commercial recordings of each work (up to January 2016) within the chronological sequence.

 Paul Hindmarsh, April 2016


 Time line

PART 1 Bridge in his time

  Biographical sketch - Seeds of Discontent Paul Hindmarsh
The Good Old Days Ivor James (1941)
 Memories of a unique friendship                  Daphne Oliver (1979)
Modern British Composers I: Frank Bridge     Edwin Evans (1919)
 5 An Interview with Frank Bridge                      P.J. Nolan (1923)
 6 Frank Bridge                                                 
Herbert Howells (1941)

PART 2 The Complete Works

1 Introduction     
2 Sources  
3 Thematic Catalogue of Works 1900-41
4 Classified Index of Works
5 Bibliography        Jessica Chan and Paul Hindmarsh

Index of titles and first lines

General index 

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