monday, 23 june 2014

A suite of film music by William Walton, arranged by Paul HIndmarsh in 1992 and recorded by Black Dyke Mills Brass Band in 1995, is now available from PHM Publishing.  Published by arrangement with Oxford University Press, A Wartime Sketchbook was compiled from original soundtracks and manuscripts by Christopher Palmer from four of Walton's film scores, three from 1941 and 42 and one item from some unused music composed for The Battle of Britain in 1968. Substantial portions of Palmer's orchestral score have been arranged into a 15 minute suite for brass band. The music begins and ends with stirring melodies of the kind Walton wrote in his famous coronation marches. The scherzo, Young Siegfrieds, is full of sardonic humour, while a tender extract from Next of Kin reveals Walton in romantic mood. 

The suite is of Grade 4-5 standard (suitable for second section, strong youth bands and above) and is available to order from this website.

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